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Tax Prep for Individuals

Specializing in complex tax scenarios, our full-service tax experts are here to assist you in building your wealth and minimizing your tax burden. The starting price to file a personal 1040 tax return is just $200!

Tax Preparer for Individual Tax Returns

Our tax experts will ensure that you receive every dollar you are entitled to

One of our tax experts will prepare your return, and will only sign and file them once they are entirely confident of their correctness and that you will achieve the best results possible. 

Getting started is a breeze

🚀 Sign up in seconds​​

Get a link to our secure portal right after signing up. Upload your tax docs and answer a short questionnaire hassle-free.

🤝 Connect with a tax expert

We'll review your docs and reach out with updates. Arrange a call or virtual meeting for further discussion if needed.

📝 Submit your tax return

After your return is prepared we advise on optimizations and provide estimated payments for the next tax year if necessary.

We're Trusted on Trustpilot
Signing Up For Tax Prep Services With UnitedTax.AI

Transparency is our policy; we don't leave you guessing about the price

Use Our Price Calculator GIF.gif

Upon signing up for our services, a base price of $200 will be charged. Any additional costs related to the complexity of your return will be invoiced before filing.

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